A nigga that will fuck you up nigga. Oh and he likes eggs
That boy Tyronn fucked that niggas bitch and stole his eggs. Whoop
by 2handsforlyf January 30, 2015
the most thirsty guy you will ever meet and can steal your girl with a single glance, master of sliding in the dms.
10000% black, probably plays basketball , says he lives in the hood but doesn't

Overall an amazing guy and fun to be around
Tyronne is THE man!
Damn i wish i was as attractive as Tyronne
by mmkkayyy November 26, 2016
He is the sweetest boy that you will ever meet but he has a lot of hoes and you will feel scared to pour your heart out to him but when you do then you will get to love him and he is the cutest.nigga ever
by Zonyell May 17, 2018
has big black cock can be white but rare
tyronne has a bbc
by bbc bbc October 22, 2019
The greatest guitar player ever and can play any sport and be the best.
eg. tyronne gibson got 2 premierships in the last 3 years.... amazing
by Tyronne Gibson September 3, 2008
While pleasing your partner "doggystyle", you proceed to knock them off the bed onto the floor. Once they are on the floor, you step over them in the most disrespectful manner.
Steve was not pleased with Mary's performance during sex and couldn't bust a mighty fat nut, so he gave her Tyronn Lue instead.
by Barlows bullshit December 26, 2016