3 definitions by Zonyell

He is the sweetest boy that you will ever meet but he has a lot of hoes and you will feel scared to pour your heart out to him but when you do then you will get to love him and he is the cutest.nigga ever
by Zonyell May 17, 2018
She is pretty she doesn't start trouble she is humble in she is very nice sometimes sometimes she can be a brat she can be mean our play around to much but she is the best friend that anyone can have she is very understanding in loving she doesn't let anyone boss her family are friends around she might be mad at you but she will never hate u ily Kaniah
by Zonyell March 15, 2017
Dusty crusty ugly little dude he has an ugly sister he stinks he looks at girls botty in gym class he needs to get smacked he thinks he's cute but he's cute but he's not he has a 5th grade friend in he is in 7th grade he likes an 9th grader and he likes a 6th grader
O'Brien needs to get a haircut.
by Zonyell March 25, 2017