A trim line of Honda cars with a highly tuned engine and suspension. Unfortunately, made into a mockery by dumbass ricers who stick Type-R stickers on their Civic DX and Mustang rednecks who are ignorant concerning any car related technology past 1975.

The only true Type-R released in the United States was the Integra Type-R. The line is still sold overseas.
Redneck 1: Billy Bob, check out that there Civic Type-R!
Redneck 2: Ding dang, lets go's show that there rice-boy whats true 'merican muscle bout.
by John September 1, 2004
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Should stand for Type Racing in the Japanese car market, but is comonly abused by idiots.

Most import Fanboys have a Type R sticker, it allows them to think they are fast. Some even think it adds horsepower to their low HP vehicles.
My Type R sticker gave me 30 horses!
by Rob July 11, 2003
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Type Racing
Designation of the fastest car model of the Acura (Honda) Integra Lineage. Available in the US from 1997 to 2000. Still available in Japan as the 3rd Gen Integra (RSX in the US) Type R. All versions of the car are probably the fastest Front Wheel Drive cars available at the time. With a VTEC 200HP and 8400 red line engine and true race suspension and brakes, this was and still is a very fast car on a road circuit (means more than left turn).
Yo that Type R smoked that heavy mustang on the twisties.
by integra man March 26, 2004
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stickers commonly placed on import cars to add mucho HP.
adding type-r sticker to car = hella fast!
by agentsmith June 6, 2004
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Type R is short for Typically Retarded. Don't let this stickers fool you, these kids are trying real hard not to drive off the road.
Tip - ik - cally , Re - tard - ed
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
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Some Shitty Shtvic (Civic) Or Postegra (intergra) Trying to be fast and costs $25.000-30.000 but you can get a Ford Mustang GT/Mach 1 and Fry it
Damn,that Camaro SS beat the Integra Type R in the /4 by 10 seconds!
(or SS:12.3sec,Type R:22.5sec
by Nick the Prick May 26, 2003
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The ultra-hot pep boy's decals you can slap on your ford escort next to your GT-R badge and smoke anything that pulls up beside you....

oh yeah, honda's racing integras and civics known for the red badges and championship white paint. Not to be confused with the vocabulary and regular usage or ric3rs.
1.) I saw a nice looking all-motor Integra Type-R the other day...the owner was really nice and had a great appreciation for the heritage.

2.) oh mah gawd y0!! I bought 'dis tizzype-arrgh decal for my do0rz! Maybe I'll put it 0n crookid and it wilL l0ok M4d tyt3 y0!!
by Douche September 25, 2004
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