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KaZaA with no shit. The margarine of KaZaA. The Diet Coke of KaZaA...
"Hey Courtney! Go and download 'Christmas Shoes' on Kazaa Lite!"
by Nick the Prick December 10, 2003
Some Shitty Shtvic (Civic) Or Postegra (intergra) Trying to be fast and costs $25.000-30.000 but you can get a Ford Mustang GT/Mach 1 and Fry it
Damn,that Camaro SS beat the Integra Type R in the /4 by 10 seconds!
(or SS:12.3sec,Type R:22.5sec
by Nick the Prick May 26, 2003
as in ice cubes "check yo self" he talks about busting a "trey eight in your cranium" a trey eight is a .38 bullet, probably from a .38 special, or a saturday night special.
shut the fuck up before i blow your head open with my trey eight.
by Nick the Prick June 19, 2006
in runescape, a shity online game, its when you have a strong account, and then alot of weaker acounts. the strong account is your main, meaning main account.
nooblet #1: dude your only level 6 i can own you
nooblet# 2: nuh uh i have a lvl 70 main i could kick your ass
by Nick the Prick July 19, 2006
one of the greatest rappers of all time, he is first, then dr dre and then tupac (fuck eazy e, hes a cunt) he was gunned down and no one still knows who did it, although all kinds of stories have been thrown around (gangs, suge knight, my retarded friend even thinks p diddy killed notorious)
r.i.p. notorious big
by Nick the Prick October 24, 2006
High Preformance version of the Honda Civic Si VGR and CRX Si,But they are shitty compared to a Type R
Hmmm,will my SiR win at drifting....... NOO
by Nick the Prick May 31, 2003
A person who wasts thousands of dollars trying to make a Civic run 12 seconds at the 1/4mile. But can buy a real car (300zx Twin turbo,Corvette ZO6,Porsche 911 Carrera coupe)
Damn,that ricer is stupedly gay with his Honda CRX Del Sol Si
by Nick the Prick May 26, 2003