A variation of the classic Camaro which ceased production in 2002. The SS (or Super Sport) was similiar to the Z/28 except for the fact that it was modified by SLP Performance, who gave Chevrolet the idea to add give the Camaro a 320 HP version of the LS1 5.7l V8, this package included a forced-air induction hood with a lightweight fiberglass air scoop hood, a Torsen limited-slip performance axle, a modified exhaust system that sported dual 2 3/4-in tailpipes, a redisgned stylish rear spoiler, an upgraded suspension package to give the beast better handling, speed-rated P275/40ZR17 Goodyear Eagle Fl tires, 17-in which included lightweight cast-aluminum alloy wheels, an added power steering cooler, and the striking exterior SS badges that replaced Z28 logos and added a Camaro SS interior plaque to the dash. The engine was topped off with Quaker State Synquest synthetic engine oil to ensure engine protection and performance. The 6 speed manual transmission was an option on both the Z/28 and the SS....Which allowed the Camaro to see up to 27 MPG highway....something no V8 Mustang can claim.

The car, an ultimate experience to drive and own, is sure to use any Mustang or Ricer as a shop rag if given the appropraite modifications. The Pony Boys like to run their mouths about the LS1 and the Camaro, but the only way they can keep up is by spending 5,000 to 20,000 more on a GT500. However, by placing that extra money into an LS1, you can be sure to park in the winner's circle on race day.

The only people that Camaro SS drivers respect include Chevrolet Truck owners, other Camaro SS owners (Z/28's are left to the discretion of the actual driver himself), Corvette Drivers, and Trans Am drivers (if permittable by the driver himself).
That Camaro SS has better features than the Mustang, gets better gas-mileage, and could smoke it on the track. Why do Pony boys even run their mouths?
by Yabba Dabba Doo March 29, 2008
Hard edged muscle car submodel of the Chevrolet Camaro. Every model year of the SS ever built has included a Chevy V8 engine, including big blocks such as the 396 rat motor from 1967-1969. Terrorizer of rice mobiles, poser sports cars, and wimpy half ass psuedo "performance" cars such as Mitsubishi Eclipse. Many models destroy cars costing 2-5x more, and are easily modified to make even greater amounts of horsepower and torque. An American icon, a car for driver's who want to be able to stop, turn, and accelerate, rather than just get from point A to point B. Highly sought after as collectibles. Your grandma will not buy one, nor will the 17 year old white kid blasting rap out of his 4 banger Honda with the wing off the 747 jet on it. Know it, respect it, fear it.
"Wow, I paid $40K for this Porsche Boxster and I just got DESTROYED by buslengths by a guy in a '00 Camaro SS with an LS1, and he only paid $10K for it, I feel like a wastefull loser who knows nothing about cars!"
by Slayer334 December 29, 2011
The Sexiest car in existence. Though unfortunately there are few thats able to be driven these days. Created by the Chevrolet company in - you guessed it - 1969. 'SS' refers to the body style and type.
"What's your dream car?"
"1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS."
by Denhyan Belloop March 19, 2012