touching your genitals, or touch your genitals. Can be used when casually talking to a guy or a girl. Like, when you are hanging out with a guy and he won't take his hands out of his pants. Or it can be used when talking about a hot girl. Then one would say "thg", touch her genitals. Or it can be used when flirting and hopefully, it will help you touch her genitals. You can also use "tmg", which is touch my genitals.
To Guy: "Yo, stop tyg?"
To Guy, girl: "hey, watsup, tyg?"
When talking about girl: "she was sooo hot. I wanna thg."
when Flirting: "Hey, let me tyg." If she says no, say "fine, tmg"
by frank monteloe May 01, 2010
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TYG short for Tender Young Girl is usually used by guys over the age of 18 to refer to girls under 18 they think are very hot or very cute but off limits.
If I was only 3 years younger I would definitly hook up with that TYG.
by Ickarus February 14, 2008
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stands for "temple youth group", frequently used by members of NFTY
What TYG are you from?
by sarahsarah123 July 18, 2008
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Acronym: Thank You Group Used in MMO's the thank people who you have been grouped with
by Snizzel July 03, 2010
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