Mythical time period in which most half assed tuning companies promote their products as coming to market.

Typical actual time periods stretch anywhere from a year, to never.

See: "Dubwerks"
Revo's BT software will be ready in "two weeks".
by Cypher2k May 28, 2004
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The amount of time we thought the quairteen would last but no, people are not paitent
I wish it was all just Two weeks
by 2020 in a real nutshell March 23, 2021
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When you're out with your friends and you see a really obese girl/woman nearby, instead of saying to your friends “look at the size of that fat ass over there” which isn’t exactly subtle, you say “Two Weeks” and look in the direction of the target fat ass.

If they’re much larger than your average ‘two weeker’ you start with “two weeks” and then someone else might say “four weeks” and this repeats until you get to a period of time you all agree on.

“Two weeks” comes from the film ‘Total Recall’ In the film Douglas Quaid played by Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Mars inside a robot fat woman suit. Arriving on Mars the robot woman’s head malfunctions and starts repeating the phrase “Two Weeks” before exploding.

“Check out two weeks over there”

“More like six weeks”

“No way, that’s four months
by Mr Hauser January 19, 2007
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The amount of time quoted within which any project of any size or scale will be completed, even though all parties involved know that promise is a bold faced lie. Whether the job is finishing a backyard landscaping project, hanging office doors, or replacing a headlight that got hammered by the business end of a deer, the experts will tell you with complete confidence that the finished product is 2 weeks out.
Danimal: Hey Buddy, now that the weather is in the triple digits in Arizona, how’s the pool coming along?

Lil Marty: My contractor assured me that they are Two Weeks Out from wrapping everything up.

Danimal: I feel like you told me that three months ago..

Lil Marty: I did.
by Falcon Thunder Fist May 19, 2021
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Technique for winning over a girl. After establishing to the girl that you care about her and want her, you ignore her at all cost for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, text her “I miss you.”
Guy 1: bro, this girls playing hard to get, what should I do?
Guy 2: Hit her with the two week method, the tension will make her want you more.
by Jack5473 December 24, 2018
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A two week list is a list of the people who must not be allowed to live longer than you. Therefore, when you are told you have two weeks to live it is time to start checking off the names on your list.

It's basically a bucket list of murder.
That's it! I'm putting you on my two week list. You better hope I don't get sick!
by Godlessness April 2, 2011
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n: an online chatterer who is interested, intense and intriguing that, without explanation, abruptly ceases contact after a period of 14 days.
"i thought this guy was the real deal, but he was just a two-week troll."
by little.d February 5, 2010
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