The female teabag. When a woman grinds her sex on someone's nose in a circular fashion, usually while asleep or unconscious.
"Twizzling is when a girls grinds her cunt on your nose," said Johnny." But never let a girl do it beacause you won't be able to smell for days."
by Squeege10 July 10, 2008
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Confused or unable to decide.
Was used in the Artisoft LANtastic networking software to indicate the network was unable to decide which network adapter to use.
From the LANtastic Networking software: "Net BIOS is twizzled"
by maniakaz December 05, 2011
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Twizzle on it usually accompanied by a raised middle finger means 'go f&ck yourself'.

Used by secondary school kids in the late 1990's it has a level of popularity in West of England still.
''Bloody cheek! She wanted to knock me down on that quote:, I told her Go twizzle on it, cheeky mare''
''Can I borrow £20? ..answer ''Go twizzle on it! finger gesture you never paid be back from the last time!''
by Oakbark July 06, 2018
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The wrapping of two boners into a a twizzler like single boner worth sucking by a third party.
They were twizzling so hard, I couldn't help but suck on it!
by Super Mister Candy Boners, sgt November 25, 2010
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Twizzle - verb.
To cut oneself with a sharp Twizzler, then eat it.

The word being defined is Twizzle. Jaden was caught twizzling by his mother
by FapTilUdrop February 27, 2018
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To put a dirty mop in scented boiling water and twirl the mop stick between your hands causing the mop to 'whisk' the water and become dazzlingly clean.

(Currently used by about 5 people in a boarding school in the North of England)
Toilet-cleaner: 'How do you keep your mops so clean and spankin' white?'
Care-taker: 'You need to twizzle 'em otherwise they'll become black and stink of old farts.'
by Hobo Hargreaves June 19, 2011
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When your gooch hair is fucked up
Hittin my girl from behind and she started to play with my gooch , then she said “hey why is your gooch hair twizzled
by TANK247 February 06, 2019
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