live, wild, exciting
the club is going to do the twist tonight

this party is doing the twist right now
by JG20 January 13, 2008
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ok all you guys are wrong ! a twist is the corner of a sandwhich bag filled with cocaine and tied off with fising wire dental floss or any type of string
yo hook me up with 2 twists man.
by Smokey Mcpots October 7, 2006
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Noun. Something some one enjoys. A hobby or recreational activity
"Yo son when Steve gets of work, he likes to get blazed and play with his slot cars."

"Well that’s his twist, I cant hate"
by Ken215 June 26, 2006
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To kill someone violently with a gun, a knife or a really bad beating.
"Yo, I just twisted that kid that was talking shit last week"
by Stimuli February 13, 2006
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In the UK, a twist can also be a con.
You twisted me out of a tenner!
by Ian Chode June 19, 2003
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