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A person who you identify as a your twin whom isn’t related! Has the same interests, habits and crazy mindset as you. Usually a Twinny is a person who you slag off constantly but is still your best friend.
Josh you are an evil minded Bitch just like me! You’re definitely my Twinny!
by Misslucy January 19, 2019
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An fantasmagoracle, amazingly beautiful twinny who you get along very well with and you constantly try and be better than BFFS (usually boy and girl)
"look at that chick!, yea man shes my twinny ;) "
by sparkle.dude June 22, 2012
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As in stealing photographs from other people.
Also as in i don't have a job and ride a motocross bike very badly
Twinny was stealing photographs
by Ash sx 125 March 17, 2007
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