josh dun is a breed of cat found primarily in the state of ohio and is indigenous to the region
person: "hey im thinking of getting a cat"

person 2: "you should get a josh dun cat. they drink coffee and play the drums"
by tylersink May 20, 2015
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josh dun was having fun so he became a nun but he missed tyler's bun so he decided he was dun being a nun cause tyler's his hun and he like to play in the sun where he could run and he won a ton but he eventually got tired of everyone so he pulled out his gun and they all died
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Josh Dun is the drummer/percussionist of Twenty One Pilots. He is from Columbus, Ohio and joined Twenty One Pilots, alongside Tyler Joseph, in 2011 after playing with other local bands. Josh started playing drums when he was in middle school. He also plays the trumpet and occasionally sings backing vocals on albums. Josh is known for his crazy drumming skills, backflips, and overall awesomeness. In the words of Josh, "stay street."
"Did you hear that Josh Dun did a backflip off of Tyler Joseph's piano last night at the Twenty One Pilots show!"

"Yeah! I heard that he crowd surfed while drumming too. He's such a cool and talented guy!"
by whip and dab April 03, 2017
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Small cinnamon roll that need to be protected at all costs. Is very friendly but only has one friend by the name Tyler Joseph, who is in the band Twenty One Pilots with him. His protective friend Tyler doesn't want to share him with anyone else. Josh is sometimes referred as Jishwa, Spooky Jim or Jish. Josh still remains the drummer of the band Twenty One Pilots even though they have kicked each other out of the band 525,600 times.
Michael: Hey, look at my new best friend! Josh Dun!

Tyler: *sprints towards Michael's house* *breaks in* *hugs Josh protectively* Jishwa is MY FRIEND

Michael: But-

by Trash #1 January 03, 2016
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Josh dun the one with no pants

The one with beautiful yellow hair

You can see him from a mile away
That's because he is a star

He certainly is one of the best beans :)
Josh dun is certainly one of the best beans
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