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Trucker term referring to location. Dervide from the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials ten-code, "10-20", meaning "specify location/my location is ___"
Trucker 1: Hey driver, what's the twenty on that bear?
Trucker 2: 'bout mile marker 48.
Trucker 1: Ten-four driver. 'preciate 'cha.
by grizzled March 06, 2006

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Trucker term used to describe local (usually rural) law enforcement, such as a sheriff or deputy, that is not part of a statewide highway patrol law enforcement unit.
Trucker 1: Hey there Eastboud, what'd'ya leave behind ya?
Trucker 2: Westbound, you got a county mountie takin' pictures at about the 112 yard stick.
Trucker 1: Ten-four driver, you're clear all the way to K-town.
by grizzled March 06, 2006

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Trucker term generally used on a Citizen Band ("CB") radio to describe tire treads in the road. Usually used to warn other truckers of such treads.
Trucker 1: Hey Eastbound, you got gators all across the road at mile marker 110.
Trucker 2: Ten-four Driver, you have a good one.
by grizzled March 06, 2006

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n. Verp that exits the mouth.

v. When verp actually exits the mouth.

Combination of "burp" and "hurl".
Dude, I though I could hold my verp in but I burled.
by grizzled March 12, 2006

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