A backing vocalist or session vocalist. Named after the documentary film Twenty Feet From Stardom.
That Lisa is such a Twenty, singing those rock songs; she's better than any lead singer in the bands she sang for!
by Seshie February 15, 2019
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Anything someone says that is out of the blue/abrupt can be called a twenty.
No One:
Literally No One:
Not a Single Soul:
Berry from the Bee Movie: Ya like Jazz?
Anyone: That's a TWENTY!
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by I Like Peanut Butter February 16, 2020
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Reserving your current spot on the couch or chair for 20 minutes. Similiar to fives .
"Yo I got twenties." As some one leaves their spot in the living room while they refill thier drink.
by muckraker February 22, 2007
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Someone of the female gender who is extraordinarily cooooool. Also a member of SUD
Dude, Twenty is so extraordinarily cool!
by Smushy Wushy Tushy April 06, 2003
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number of times needed to masterbate before chaffing occurs (without rest or wiping up)
guy1: i broke the big twenty yesterday
guy2:awesome, i respect your dedication
by razledazleazlematazle January 04, 2010
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