twen (adj.) Another word for the number twenty, 20

This word is used by Chris Tucker's character "Smokey" in the stoner movie classic, "Friday" (1995) the scene where Smokey is showing a $20 sack of chronic to "Pastor Clever" played by the late Bernie Mac.
Chat Room Format:

<<Craig's Porch>>
( Pastor Clever ) excuse me, brother...
( Pastor Clever ) what we call drugs at 74th street Baptist church, we call a sinny-sin-sin...
( Smokey ,~ ) well, around here; between Normandie and Western we call this here a little twenty-twen-twen!!!
( CuBe ,~ ) Weeeaallllll XD
( Smokey ,~ ) Niihhhgaaaaaaaaahhhh... :P
( Pastor Clever ) why don't you just give me a little ***points at my eyes*** for my cataracts...
( Smokey ,~ ) you didn't put in on this, man.
( Pastor Clever ) It's better to give than receive my brotha : (
( CuBe ,~ ) LOOK LOOK! she bendin' over. :D
( Pastor Clever ) good lawd have mercy... the lord is my shepherd: HE KNOWS WHAT I WANT!!
( Pastor Clever ) excuse me, brother.
***( Pastor Clever )*** Has left the room...
by he77b3nt September 27, 2008
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A term commonly used in German for people aged 20 to 29, derived from the English "twenty". Similar to the term teen. Either referring to the age of one person or an age group.
I was still a twen when I met my later wife.

Twens today are sexually more active when they were fifty years ago.
by Dr_S September 7, 2011
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$20 bill, or $20 bag of marijuana
Here's a twen, now hook me a twen, bro
by Thrill July 23, 2003
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A shorter way of saying 2010 (Twenty Ten).
We have quite a bit of business coming up in the early party of Twen.
by Willdeezy January 7, 2010
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'i'll have twen pages.'
by vmm July 29, 2009
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(adj.) A word used to describe someone that is not, but acts, or looks like they are twelve years old.
The more twen a person is, the more they look, or act, like an actual twelve year old.
(When viewing the film "Die Hard", the scene where you first see John McClane's chauffeur.)

Me: Haha, that guy looks about twelve!
Danny: Yeah, he is SO twen!


James: What's "twen"?
by Bad Ass Pope January 24, 2008
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You in 2019: "I'll pay you the $20 I owe you next year!"
Me in 2020: "Pay up biiatchh! $20 twen twen niiggggggaaaa!"
by January 5, 2020
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