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A common Evanstonian (citizen of Evanston, IL) word

1. a. In a state somewhat equivalent to a bad high; when the mind interprets things in the physical realm differently from what they really are (commonly location based)

b. Somewhat similar to trip, but in a more negative way

2. When the mind freaks out similarly to an excited panic attack

3. To be in a state of high excitement
1. "Holy shit man! I think the walls are trying to kill me! I'm tweaking out man!"

2. "Whoa, I thought that cat jumped at me, I saw it outta the corner of my eye!"
"Naw man, you're just tweaking out."

3. "Oh shit man, what are we gonna do? I just shot a cop! What are we gonna do? I'm tweaking out man, I'm tweaking out!!"
by Spectre13 March 29, 2009
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Suddenly getting really kick-ass and unbeatable in Smash Bros. due to some unknown source of adrenaline or many hours of practice.
Dom: Dude, I'm totally tweaking out!
Luke: SHUT UP, you guys!
by Amelia Q November 14, 2004
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