23 definitions by Ami

ManChick-Man who can throw on a wig and Heels and look like a Chick
ChickMan-Chick who looks like a Man
"That is one ugly ManChick"
by Ami January 21, 2004
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a sound made by the legendary creature, the mooha
by Ami July 07, 2003
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this is a slang term for a toilet, toilette, urinal, pot-you-pee-in etc etc.....
1)sorry love can i use your piss pot??
2)ah i need to use a piss pot where is the nearest one??
by Ami March 26, 2005
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A highly amusing mop-mann, consisting of a mopp and a polystyrene head. He may be wearing a hat, or a belt. Originates behind the scenes of Bugsy Malone. Incredibly belly holding and rib tickling. A legend.
Mopfreys waiting in the wings.
by Ami March 13, 2005
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In reference to video games; it's usually the first Nintendo games. (esp. Mario) Possibly SNES games.
Old school Mario games were the best.
by Ami December 22, 2002
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A Japanese word, basically the equivalent of 'loser'.

Many Western anime/manga fans use it as a positive term for themselves, even though it is in fact negative.

However, there are people who know its correct use but are proud of being one anyway; just as some people are proud to call themselves 'losers'.
"Put that manga down and go outside, you otaku!"
by Ami April 17, 2004
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