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Tweakage is simply tweaking the word tweak to create a fun variation of the word tweak.
That radio copy was pretty close to perfect. It just needed a bit of tweakage.
by Cyprus Denton Fekks March 14, 2010
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A feeling of exerting yourself in uncordinated movements, blurting out words or sounds that make no sense, and (if you're on a computer) typing in non-coherent sentences with whatever you can hit on the keyboard which make no sense whatsoever.

The tweakage, when it happens physically, can't be explained. The explaination would change every time due to the fact that the motions are never repeated twice and the reason behind it can be a wide variety of things. It will consist of rapid movement in a short period of time. If two people are experiencing the tweakage at the same time, it is very common for them to "throw down that true" and tweak out.

IN NO WAY IS THE TWEAKAGE RELATED TO ANY DRUG USAGE...except alcohol...on occation.

Original creators of the Tweakage:
Tweakage can't be explained in an example but has to be experienced or observed.
by PsyXel November 01, 2007
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