A backpacker who behaves like a twat.
Look at this misfit. Flea infested dreadlocks, narcissistic tattoos, no clue, thinks the locals love him 'because I'm blending right in with this cool ethnic culture. Backpacker? What a twat. Right, he's a perfect example of a twatpacker.
by Mekongfrank April 05, 2016
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Dear twatpackers, here's the deal - if you refuse to pay more than $10 for a room don't complain when it's not very nice.
by U8IK December 20, 2009
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An sexually-active heterosexual male. Contrast with fudgepacker.
Shane got off with another bloke? Weird. I'd always had him down as a through-and-through twatpacker.
by The Definitive Definer January 03, 2010
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A clutch of twats (womans genitalia) more than one twat, other wise known as a bunch of cunts
watch out here comes the twatpack
by johnfannyloz December 24, 2006
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A small rucksack with a velvet and/or tribal pattern on it, typically carried by those wishing to appear hipster/indie.
Person A: "She thinks she is so cool carrying that velvet tribal patterned rucksack"

Person B: "Yeah, she definitely thinks her twatpack is the one"
by The Egregious Bone April 30, 2012
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