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Tammy went to Nashville knowing she'd have to twangbang the staff at Horseshoe Records, Inc. in order to have her demo heard.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
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Used with a hashtag (#) on Twitter to tag Twitter gangbangs. Twangbang is a group of three Tweeple, M/F/M, sharing cyber sexual public Tweets i.e., engaging in group cyber sex via Twitter. Twangbang posts are properly tagged #twangbang. Often associated with #swingers.

If the number of people engaged in Twex is four or more, it is properly tagged #Tworgy. If the number of Tweeple is three and they are F/M/F, it is tagged #Tweesome. If the number of people engaged is just two, it is simply Twex.
As used in a Tweet:

Posted by User1:
OMG I had the best #twex last night. Me and @user2 with this chick, @user3.

Posted by User69:
@user1 Dude that wasn't #twex, you moron, that was a freaking #twangbang.
by twittertwat June 17, 2009
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to have sex with a Southerner(person who lives in the South-Eastern part of the United States)
a girl came down from New York to a concert in Mississippi and ended up having sex with a local guy. When she got home she said to her friends, "Damn, you need to go down South and have a Twang-bang, it blew my mind."
by irate April 09, 2014
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