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1) An (often putative) upcoming event involving much sexual activity.

2) A sex party.

3) A party with the swapping of partners for sexual purposes.

4) Intercourse involving two or more people, usually suggesting that coupling has taken place several times.
1) I'm hoping for a shagfest on Friday. Marion has asked her friend over.

2) The vicar invites you to a shagfest after the main service on Sunday. Please bring your own mugs.

3) I picked up a sexy beast at the shagfest last night.

4) I didn't sleep last night: it was a complete shagfest and my dick is now sore with exertion.
by gwank July 05, 2004
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When two people are inseperatable, constantly with one another and antisosiable to others whilst in each others company.
To lock oneself away with a partner in ones room and not come out for days except to eat. To Shag Fest.
by Arn Dog October 25, 2006
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