To Trip. Or be tripping .
"who's that hoe, that keeps calling you?" "Nobody, quit twackin' "

" Go do your chores! "
" mom I will, stop twackin' "

" imma call your parents "
"Comeon Mr.Brown.. Why you twackin' brah ? "
by CallMeTeee.. January 17, 2014
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The act of texting and masturbating to a person you have never met.
Was Te'o caught twackin off or what!!? Asked Marion.

I guess man, why don't you text him. Said Peyton.
by Jadedfan January 18, 2013
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when someone said something that don’t make sense or dumb
marii: i don’t wanna get married but i want to be married

chino: you twackin on the 9
by yahhhh yeet June 18, 2019
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