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the act of ingaging in deep, interesting conversation. Topics ranging anywhere from philosophy to sex. It is generally something that females will get excited about when they are in the mood to 'just talk'. Also known to some as mental intercourse.
"I didn't have sex with him, but we did have intellectual intercourse. I am not complaining, because I almost feel just as satisfied..."
by Tux February 19, 2005
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Mascot of Linux
Tux rules!!
by Tux April 11, 2003
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A monolithic kernel designed by Linus Torvalds Torvalds which is now maintained by hundreds of developers worldwide. Software is used around the kernel to form a Linux distribution.

Linux is designed for intelligent beings who can read. Often, Linux is used by morons who think after mastering the Windows XP control panel they are capabl e of using an operating system that requires one to think; this does not include morons who couldn't administrate themselves out of a brown paper bag, they then proceed to complain endlessly after getting nowhere randomly clicking around KDE.
I dont want to read the manual, cant you just tell me what I have to double click?
by Tux August 28, 2003
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