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A term used to describe someone who waxes, or appears to wax, their pubic hair.
It's as smooth as a tortoise's shell down there - I just got me a turtle wax!
by Jazzual June 15, 2012
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The act of ejaculating in someone's helmet while it is left unattended, then getting them to place it on their head. A practical joke particular to the military.
Joe left his helmet in the truck so I rubbed one out in it then he put it on, it was the perfect turtle wax.
by Aco FIST October 22, 2013
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To take such an extremely long time to "wax" (have sex with) a girl that the progress is compared to the slow speed of a turtle.
Luke: "Man I really like Elaina!"
Flow: "Did you wax it yet?"
Luke: "Not yet..."
Flow: "Haha... Another turtle wax!"
by Flow of XplctFlow January 31, 2011
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An awfull smelling mixture of ass fluids and sweat that collects in an individuals upper ass crack on hot summer days. Also common of nerds to accumulate large quantities of turtlewax while playing videogames in thier sweatpants.
Yo, my turtlewax got so bad that it solidified and I had to remove it with a chisel
by C-Mac10 May 02, 2006
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