When someone is lying on their back and a female straddles his or her face and begins pouring an alcoholic beverage down the crack of her ass and into the persons mouth.
I think there was a dingleberry in that mudslide.

Why dont you lay down and let me give you a mudslide.
by Chester4220 May 11, 2010
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To take a frothy defecation on the face and/or chest of another person and let it slide down their body
Jason and Carol were getting intimate.
Carol: I really want tonight to be special.
Jason: Can you say...mudslide?
by Jace Narcast August 1, 2012
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reverse titty fuck, with emphasis on the anus rubbing up against the girls face!
Hey bro, did she give you a mudslide last night???
by T-Dogg November 30, 2005
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The real definition of a mudslide is= when you fuck a chick in the ass, and then pee in her butt, creating a mudslide, because when she gets up after that, the shit and piss all slides down her leg.
I hear California has lots of mudslides.
by RapscallionATX July 14, 2006
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When a woman kisses a man immediately after Ass to Mouth.
I was in heaven that she did ass to mouth, but I was not expecting the mudslide finish!
by Sparky Hedgehog April 8, 2010
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when you are giving a girl anal and you proceed to pull out turn around, and shit on the girl (or guys) asshole and push it into their butt with your penis
by grnokbvo September 7, 2008
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when you fuck a bitch after shitting and not wiping you then immediately slide across her body on your ass while your both sweaty to get out of bed.
"i left a rocky road mudslide on that bitches stomach and left the room before she noticed."
by pete burns September 16, 2007
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