Turps are the tattered bits at the bottom of trousers (especially long/baggy trousers) caused by being walked on. Turps tend to appear more on the trousers of Alteratives/Metallers due to common styles...
"I just tripped on my turps" or "someone kept standing on my turps all through the gig"
by Daxx Magpie March 6, 2008
innebrieated, drunk, drinking. from "on the turpentine"
"me and the lads were on the turps, long story short, i shat in joeys tuba"
by xxoo May 15, 2003
that sensation when you are past being buzzed but not quite drunk yet.
That girl was turped, therefore she should not drive home.
by lildebi March 24, 2009
to hit one under the armpit until they scream. ouch
you got turped ... ass
by J UNIT May 14, 2003
Turp is a portmanteu of toot and burp. Defined as a 'tiny burp'
She had a soda an hour ago and is still turping
by winniethepoodle October 17, 2020
Dusty nappy ass hair usually has small penis popular gets most girls athletic and a bum
by Johnnyboiiiii March 15, 2017