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The act of stuffing one's genitals into a woman's vagina for optimum pleasure; usually performed as an act of gratitude after your woman cooks a wicked-good thanksgiving dinner.
"Babe, thanks for that amazing, delicious, and well-prepared thanksgiving meal. Allow me to thankyou by giving you the turkey stuffing. It's totally gonna rock my junk, but you totally deserve it."
by ICED-OUT December 01, 2009
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The act of a female spreading her vagina open and allowing a male shit in the vagina. Then the male proceedes to fuck the mess as if stuffing a turkey
Last night I fucked Kayla and stuffed her with cock but tonight, I'm turkey stuffing her tonight til she is filled and stuffed.
by AGiogio November 30, 2010
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When a drunken virgin woman makes the decision to concent to anal sex before attempting vaginal sex. The male must be at least five years older for it to be a true turkey stuffing. For an authentic turkey stuffing the woman must perform oral sex after at least three rounds of anal sex. A common identifier is that the woman will have an akward limp the morning after this turkey stuffing. Much like the indians limped off after thanksgiving when the pilgrams totally kicked there ass.( this really happened to a girl at my highschool )
Im really tired coach. I had a long night of turkey stuffing with some drunk bitch in high school. Anyways back to work for that superbowl ring.
by The L town Kids October 24, 2007
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