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Formally, like swol, implies a state of being pumped, muscles bulging from extreme exercise. Obviously turg has alternate connotations, and different extremities are implied.
I danced for like 5 seconds and that dude was wholly turg!
by mrk_123 December 13, 2010
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a man term specifically used around ones lady friend in order to smoothly comment on a nice pair of tits, to someone else out loud.
Ben and Greg were on a dreadful double date, but Ben spotted a nice pair of tits...How the hell would he comment to Greg about his glorious and life changing find.

Ben: "Hey Greg those look like some tasty turgs"
Greg: "Hell yea I might try them this time"

See how they smoothly played it off as though it may be a restaurant item instead of boobs. Well played gentlemen, well played.
by Steel07 September 17, 2009
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