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To be dismissed summarily. To be unwillingly removed from a place. To be dropped from a team etc.
He was turfed out of his job.

The landlord turfed him out of his flat because he did not pay the rent.

He was turfed out of the team after he played bad at the last game.
by Stephen Flaherty October 23, 2007
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1.To represent yo hood to the fullest 24-7 365....
2.hood,rough around the edges....
3.wearing hood colors,clothing,etc....
1.swade is hella turfed out, he bangs da hood everywhere he goes...
2.Ron Artest is turfed out lol....
3.We gon be turfed out at the club on saturday....
by juggy21 November 19, 2010
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1. To be called out at your place of residence by people with knives.

2. To go down on a girl vigorously in a way she would find uncomfortable.
1. Brooks got turfed out by the brothers robrahn.

2. Kevin totally turfed out jenny's vag last night.
by Marilyn Monrofl December 30, 2008
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