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An individual possessing enough nerd-like traits to qualify for "turbo" status. See nerd. A turbo nerd pushes the envelope on social ineptness. Use extreme caution in the handling of turbo nerds. They can snap at any time. See columbine.
Lloyd constantly curses and screams at himself while programming on his computer at work. It's very annoying and I want to smack him sometimes. He is a turbo nerd.
by ktrane March 09, 2004
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someone who goes above and beyond regular nerds. Is someone that regular nerds strive to be
Obaid is the king of all turbo-nerds
by Teh Parm December 10, 2007
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An uber nerd...ultra nerd...seriously hardcore geek...did you just get pwned on Halo, WoW, Modern Warfare online? It was probably a turbonerd.

(Thanks to the strange and rather sinister 10th grade ginger student of mine for the info)
I hate playing Halo online because the damn turbonerds blow your brains out before you even move
by The Medicated August 28, 2010
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A person who wears a sweater vest, pocket protector, thick glasses and talks about how much they love Star Wars. Overall, they are the social outcasts who play Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday nights and go to comic conventions each week.
by H C G December 09, 2006
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the worst diss of all time and the only diss i use when i am talkin to my friends... so basically it means ur gay
Ruben ur such a forkin turbo nerd.
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