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Means to go ahead with yourself... Get out of someone's face...leave me alone... Get away from me... The answer is NO!
Example :Excuse me miss, can I call you some time? And the women reply.... Boy bye!
by Stormy777 December 31, 2013
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used mostly in new jersey when you dont have time to waste words on someone, because you kno what they are saying either:
1.dont make any sense
4.go againt what you think
John: "I want to go to Wendy's they have the best fries."
Tina: "Boy bye! Wendy's fries are nasty, White Castle is way better."

The ugliest guy u have ever seen walked up to you asking you for your number..Your response would be "boy bye".
by tenneisha April 15, 2008
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Boy bye means when you don’t want to waste words on someone when they are trying to lie to you , and you just not having it so you boy bye them
Baby I was just thinking of you

Oh really you where

Yea why you asking

Cuz you put with Betty right now so how you thinking of me

Oh no baby it’s not like that she helping me get you something

Haha boy bye
by Qawsdd February 03, 2018
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Dismissing a boy in a really humiliating way.
Have you seen that person down there? They look like a bum. Y'know what Barry? Boy bye
by MJ_KN1GHT September 20, 2019
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Boy bye represents saying bye bye, but with a certain accent.
Boy bye, everyone!
via giphy
by Dictiodude February 16, 2018
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