Matthew Tufts Moore a Bulgarian British American Recording Artist & Actor And Body Builder as well as Ambassador For Good will His claim to fame is his Music The Albums Matthew is classified under is European House Music Along with other Various Artists Such as Tiasto, Zed , Calvin Harris ,Brittaney Spears, Madonna and others #princeofpop as his music is very similar to Other Various Artists when she first came out with music & started her career she was known as the princess pop. Only time will tell but we speculate that Matthew will be very much be a icon of his generation. Matthew is Known for his sexy music and his Incredible style did I met ion he is Huge #stud
“Did You See that Gorgeous guy speed by in a Range Rover? Or is it a SLK!! Oh Sh*** it’s Matthew Tufts Moore Baby!!!!”
by KitKat937 August 1, 2020
The hair tramp stamp above the ass crack of a guy.
93 took off his shirt at the pool and had a massive squirrel tuft on his back.
by SuckleMyTitty July 25, 2022
That tramp stamp of hair above an ass crack on a guy
93 took off his shirt and had a massive squirrel tuft above his ass. He needs to wax it.
by SuckleMyTitty July 25, 2022
A tuft of tweekers is a group of meth heads all huddled together like a cackle of hyenas; protecting their stolen BMX bikes.
There was a tuft of tweekers directly outside the grocery store doors when I exited from doing my daily shopping.
by Christopher Gray December 19, 2016