'''Tuchas-''' This Jewish slang word refers to the ever expanding rear end. It is known that many Jewish women have a large tuches and large chest. This is particularly true after the Jewish holidays due to great Jewish cooking. It can also be defined as the Jewish cushioning device.
Get your tuchas out of my face
by CtrlAltaDel December 11, 2005
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the act of getting off from licking a toilet seat that an attractive person just sat on
Pat really liked Gerry, enough to commit to a tuchas tease after Gerry left the water closet.
by aretegroup January 11, 2019
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Astoundingly severe diarrhea, usually induced by tainted food/ water at a tropical destination.
"Our vacation in the Domincan Republic was okay, but Tropical Storm Tuchas blew in and totally fucked our week up."
by Ash and Jan June 21, 2006
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