Muxx ate a big bowl of chilli and now he's in the shitter filling the bowl with tube steak.
by OTAYdawg August 15, 2008
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A slang term for a man's penis, or commonly a hot dog is a poor man's steak. Since a hot dog is in the form of a tube, it is called a tube steak. Also referenced in the ZZ top song, tube steak boogie, boogie, woogie baby, boogie woogie all night long
1. Did you see the size of that Hot Dog! That is more like a tube steak. What a meal. Baby!

2. Dude 1: Did you see how that fine girl handles that tube steak?

Dude 2: Yeah, man! She can sure Boogie Woogie!
by T_rump_supporter September 11, 2013
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Full Metal Jacket quote: "I wanna stick my tube steak into your sister. What'll you take in trade?"

This refers to a sexual barter done both in military and prison environments, whereby one individual lubricates an armpit ("his sister"), and allows another individual to use it for simulated copulation. The armpit serves as a vaginal substitute for the penis ("tube steak"). Pressure could be varied by arm compression and flexion, for a more pleasurable simulation. "Trade" ranged from money, to supplies, to cigarettes, to chores and duties.
by Trivia Sleuth November 26, 2013
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A cylindrical meat portion. (Sizes and pigmentation may vary)
Carol: Is it possible to consume an entire tube steak in one sitting?
Mary: Yes, but if you're in need of excess protein.
by CPT. 0VB10U5 February 10, 2017
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homosexual, queer, of the cock sucking variety
Yo that mothafucka is a damn tube steak tarzan swinging from a hairy love vine.
by f disp June 7, 2003
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Cocaine on top of a penis. Usually presented as a birthday present to an undergrad student.
Would you like a powdered tube steak?
by Danjazone November 29, 2019
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After class, I came back to find my room-mate watching midget ass porn while doing the tube steak boogie.

I'm bored. Gonna go pick up a Playboy and do the tube steak boogie to kill some time.
by your testicles March 16, 2011
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