teh lollerskater's worstest enemi! shoots brb bullets n can run ova nething! roflcopters can pwn them cuz they drop wtfbombs. lmaoplanes shoot omgmissiles @ them 2, but on teh ground, ttyl tanks pwnzor teh nub lollerskaters. a great asset 2 ne army.
"zomg! teh ttyl tank just pwnzord jimmy!"
"call headquarters 4 backupz! tell them 2 bring teh roflcopters immediately!"
(10 minutes later)
"hoorah! teh roflcopta is here 2 pwn teh ttyl tanks cuz they r teh ubar suxzorz!"
by Johmama August 19, 2007
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steve - hey what does idk ily ttyl mean

tony - i dont know i love you talk to you later
steve - oh km i love you too and ill ask bruce :)
by 69yourdad July 22, 2021
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Toilet time, you lose. Ok, we all know what ttyl means...
Yo dude, you had to have ttyl.
by Mostsubbedegg May 19, 2020
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TTYL is letters that mean 4 words, witch people like to use a lot. If people are saying some sort of fast bye if they're in a rush then chances are they will say TTYL (T=Talk) (T=To) (Y=You) (L=Later) TTYL means "Talk to you later".
"Oh no I'm really late for work TTYL"
"TTYL (Facebook message)"

"I got a doctor's oppointment right now if I don't get there I'm gonna be late TTYL".
by Loving360 March 6, 2016
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Acronym for Talk To You Later. Often Used in Texts or Messages
Person1: Hi
Person2: I'm Busy TTYL
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A mysterious acronym for whenever asked what it means makes the person not want to talk to you
Person 1: What does TTYL mean?
Person 2: Talk to you later
by Somebody on Urban Dictionary January 1, 2022
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