Ttyl means titty to your lungs
by Elyvnkoo February 12, 2018
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"ttyl" is an abbreviation for "talk to you later". It is used mainly in texting, messaging, or emailing.
ttyl, I'm busy.
by cute.asf February 28, 2022
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talk to you later” a way to tell someone that you’ll simply talk to them later.
emma: ttyl!

kate oh okay, bye!!
by no one but rue March 30, 2022
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when someone says that it means that they will talk to you later.
hey! can i ttyl?

by shhsnzi April 2, 2019
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Ttyl means: Talk to you later.
Its and internet slang which shortens Talk to you later.
Friend: I gtg! Bye ttyl
You: ok bye
by Lovelytaetae July 6, 2016
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“Ttyl, going to bed
“Ttyl, in like 8 min
by Golf ball wire June 8, 2020
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