It's informal and you would usually use it via text messaging. It means 'talk to you later'
by I dunno.. xD October 27, 2015
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Person 1: "See ya later"
Perosn 2: "Yep, ttyl"
by sensfan March 18, 2013
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Short for "Talk To You Later".

commonly used on massively multiplayer online games and chat rooms.
Dood1: Hey man i g2g eat, TTYL!

Dood2: Sure bud, bonapetit!
by FLking May 21, 2007
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Talk to you later(s) or TTYLS, Used when saying goodbye to a friend or ending a phone conversation.
by tericon33 September 3, 2009
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TTYL means Talk To You Later. Mostly used in text conversations.
TTYL bye
by CAT ATTACK!! September 16, 2017
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TTYL= tiny tits you loser
by xzfnvfosngfo April 27, 2011
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