A abbreviation of the sentence talk to you later mostly used in text messages between people most teens use it.
Teen 1- Ok i'll ttyl

Teen 2- Ok bye :-)
by PhandodiePanic!isLife!!! January 7, 2017
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Stands for " talk to you later" or if you're a homosexual you would say " ta ta"

First example used by the regular people, second by the homosexual or gay losers who think they're witty.
Talk to you later j. ttyl.

Ta ta you loser homosexual.
by Ugly Houston fag October 30, 2008
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Frank:''That was a great gym session my dude, when I get home I'll text you my secret protein shake recipe!''

Tom:''Yeah that was intense. Sounds good, ttyl!''
by saharaspberry November 14, 2018
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