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1. A sound used when rejecting a statement or question someone has made.
2. An expression to show disagreement.
"You're wrong."


"Want to play monopoly?"
"Tsh, I hate monopoly."
by *Nica* October 08, 2007
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a term used by black people when lol began to be over used by white people. stands for trippin so hard. if ur black and got the text message, you know what im talking about. heres the foward:

"ATTENTION all black ppl STOP sayn LOL say TSH dat stand for 4 Trippin So Hard. LOL iz now 4 white ppl. Send to every black person in yo fone."
between me and deshaun.

me: can i get his number?

deshaun: sure



deshaun:ur welcome cuz i didnt have to giv it to u.

me: iwas getting to that

deshaun: Tsh. w/e
by megalinaa23 June 07, 2009
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TSHS= that's so high school

When someone says something that they would say back when they were in high school
Making fun of someone's laugh because they sound like a mix between a snake and mike myers and someone hears you making Fun of it and says to them, TSHS!
by Buechel April 12, 2011
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'Thinks She's Hot' - Can be announced to friends when an ugly or mediocre looking chick that is abviously over confident in her looks flaunts that attitude.
Frumpy bitch walks into the party.

Dude1: TSH at one o'clock.
Dude2: what a bitch.
by Mark Twains January 15, 2008
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I like love TSH sooooooo much!!!! I wish I could marry him!!!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
by Mister and Misses Turdy Buns August 11, 2018
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