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is pronounced "sang" with a silent "t" at the beginning of the word.

an alternative use to true or word, is often used in those awkward moments when you don't exactly know how to react to a statement that someone has said.

it is very user-friendly in that it can be substituted for a plethora of words such as cool and awesome.

also can be used after someone has said something and they are waiting for a response but you weren't listening.
"I think ice fishing is totes brill."

"...and so now I'm sooo mad at Jenny for buying the same bag as me!! Are my feelings justifiable?"
"-not listening-..uh, what? Oh, hmm...Tsang."

"Yo, what up?"
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a Chinese surname that has been around for more than 3000 years. Someone with this last name usually has roots to Hong Kong or the GuangDong province of China. THAT's WHERE BRUCE LEE's family and JACKIE CHAN IS FROM!!!

Pronounced Zhang, in CHina, but T-sang or Sang in the US.

BUt in the EAST COast you refer the cool people with CHinese heritage as Tsang.
Yo, Tsang hooked me up with that hot chick cuz he's a pimp.

Hey Tsang over there ain't making fried rice, he's going to Cornell, then buying your sorry resturant.

w'sup Tsang.
by JerryT June 08, 2005
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Little chinese guy that never goes away, also known as Sanjeev
Tsang's dad pwns the chippie...

Tsangs mums well fit!
by Shoj January 03, 2005
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not so sweet and innocent when you look closly. this specimen does looks also smart but dont be fooled, when you have an everyday conversation you find she thinks 'mary has a little lamb' is indeed a christmas carrol... hmmm, cough cough
she is not as smart as me, but you kinda have to be nice, i mean she pays a good wage for you to 'act' her friend...
by freshie July 16, 2004
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A Small little character who is sweet and innocent walks into doors trips over king lear and reads fortune cookies the wrong way - usually with the name joanna
that tsang is always causing havoc but you have to love her
by Peter Hughes July 12, 2004
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