A place in which about 20 people get together and text message, sleep, and eat, while a man or woman speaks gibberish.
by Lavartis Miller January 29, 2009
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This is where you learn about numerous boring things like SOH-CAH-TOA, the Pythagorean Theorem, and dumb ass postulates, among other things that you will have to learn throughout the year-or years of you being in geometry. It is very amusing, though. Sometimes, the girls and boys like to bring used condoms and tampons to class and drop them on her floor so they can brag that they are doing it or just got their period. Then, we get this whole BIG lecture about human sexuality, STDs, and the female reproductive system.
Teacher: "It's okay if you're having sex, but do you all have to show it, especially in Geometry Class? Can't you wait until health or something?"
Students: "Why not? We like showing off our colorful used tampons and semen-filled condoms to you."
Teacher: "You're all so sick! STDs are diseases that just keep on giving. One of my friends has genital warts. She became infertile and her husband divorced her."
Me: "Why, excuse me miss, but why are you telling your friend's business?"
Teacher: "I need my Midol!"
by DudeIMJustKiddingLOLJKJKJKJK January 16, 2011
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You'll be in the minority if you are good at this. Don't be surprised if you're in a class of idiots who can't put two and two together. Unless you go to Thomas Jefferson...
"Man, I hate geometry class..."
"You probably suck at it too"
by davidcrazy101 March 25, 2015
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This class is a fucking war zone of bullshit lessons and stupid contrapositive statements, like use proper fucking english you dumbass female math teachers.
Bryant: Damn I hate Geometry class
Aidan: Yeah it's fucking stupid like me
by Professional Racist August 29, 2022
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