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They speak the same way they play their instrument, loudly and obnoxiously. They start random chants and are very annoying to deal with. If you tell them this then they become toxic. Very few trumpet players are actually easy to deal with and can actually play their instrument.
"Will you trumpet players shut up for just two minutes?!"
by Canofbeanns September 6, 2019
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The bass saxophone is a torture machine designed to crush the user to death or suck all air out of them. It is commonly used by the Incredible Hulk and must be pushed on a cart. It is real common to find it in the tuba section since it is rejected by all other woodwinds. It has also been used in World War II to knockout German troops.
Alto: What instrument do you play?
Bass: The Bass saxophone

Alto: Go speak with the director

Band director: Rejected instruments include Bass saxophone, tuba, baritone, oboe, and trombones.
by Canofbeanns July 1, 2018
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