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a nigga moment is when ignorance overwhelms the mind of an average male. to put it plainly, they act like niggas. nigga moments are unpredictable, an incident as mild as bumping into someone can quickly involve guns. but quickly, they de-evolve back into a mild annoying situation.they all end up bad. the police see two niggas with their guns drawn, and open fire. nigga moments are the third biggest killer, behind pork chops and F.E.M.A. white people are unaffected seeing as they think they are too good for it.
one of the common misconceptions is that it can be avoided by avoiding every nigga. but niggas are crafty, they will find you. they are always around the corner. something every nigga moment needs is a serious nigga. also nyeuggahs may apply, on occasion. take for example a car accident. a blind old guy has just hit your car 7 times. you have two choices. you can walk away let insurance handle it, or you can fight with a dumb crazy old blind man. of course, if you are white, you will walk away. but statistics show that 90% of male african americans will fight the man. maybe he is beggining to resist the urge to indulge in a nigga moment. but then the crazy black guy stomps his brand new shoe. thats a big problem seeing as six out of 10 nigga moments involve a sneaker in some way. most are nikes. now the black male is forced to do something, his new shoe has been defiled.
one key to nigga moments is how they sart. certaint things are instant triggers. for example, if there is a crowd of angry people, that havent quite resorted to violence, an act as simple as throwing a chair will instantly create a nigga moment. it is a serious problem.
people enjoy watching niggas act stupid. its fun. private nigga moments shame you. public nigga moments shame everyone.
finally, nigga moments are always negative. they always end bad. thats just the way it is. simply because the victor must kill to win. thats not winning. everyone loses in that case.
i was involved in a nigga moment last week. a dude spilled a 40 on my shoes. so i killed that mother. dumb asse. thats how i roll.
by arch king 89 November 28, 2005

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a miracle cure to the weight you gain from gorging yourself on ridiculous amounts of food. all you do is drink the grease from the pans, drink the leftover gravy, and then go to taco bell and eat burritoes all day. the next day, all of your thanksgiving weight will be in the toilet. amazing!!!!
after using the thanksgiving diet, even on days other than thanksgiving, i lost 484307 pounds!!!! whooooo!!!!
by arch king 89 November 26, 2005

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a beer in one hand, a video game controller in the other,and a girl sucking your dick while you sit on a couch made of solid gold. mostly the girl sucking your dick makes it awesome.
alas, i will never attain true happiness. sigh
by arch king 89 November 27, 2005

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