"Wow, look at that Trudie," exclaimed Frank. "She sure is smoking."
by TSloan August 22, 2006
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absolutely gorgeous and is so not a welfare mam and aint got no kids. also plays tiger lily in peter pan. thats the indian for the stupid people. can be used as a really nice compliment.
i like your jeans, theyre so trudie!
by Trudie August 10, 2004
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a girl with red hair hu apparently knows heaps of guys, and was voted one of the three girls in her year most likely to have sex first. she also has a guy living with her alot of the time. hahaha
to a girl who has had sex: youre such a trudie
by marina February 6, 2004
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A dyke,a gay man, and a welfare mom with 8 kids, all at once.
Stop being a fucking trudie.
by Mike Tyson May 4, 2003
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A girl that has huge boobs and generally likes Michelle Branch music. Trudie also really loves mince and the two sided sponge that she aquired for bathing.
'Shall we do a Trudie tonight and cook spag bol?' 'Yeah, get some mince'
by whale0hwhale February 1, 2016
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Meaning: Strength of the Spear, Spear Maiden, Beloved. Also the name for the most awesome person ever. It is impossible to fit so much awesomeness into any other person.
"Mess with that Trudi and you'll get skewered."

"Even Chuck Norris can't match the awesomeness that is Trudi."
by Gypsygoddess February 2, 2010
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Trudy is the best person you will ever meet!! She's beautiful and smart. Trudy's normally have blonde hair with blue or hazel eyes. Sometimes her eyes with change colors. Trudy is talented and she will make you laugh with her many blonde moments. If there's a Trudy in your life, lock her down now! You might not get another chance!!
DUDE, your dating a Trudy!? Man, I wish I was you!!
by aco smith June 14, 2016
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