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To wander aimlessly with no purpose or direction with confidence.

Warning: this more often than not recruits more people to follow along on the journey to no where with hope of an outcome. (these people are called "trudgees")
-Today I "trudged" along the beach and found these women.

-Tonight I will "trudge" around this camp site
(prime culperates for "trudging" are campers and hippies"

-E.g. Forest Gump "Trudged" when he went for his 2 year jog

by Batesy January 12, 2006
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un-describable ammounts of pubic hair that covers a womans vigina and who choose to where no underwear in public. this will cause utter disgust to males and may induce simultanious vomating
That lady over there has gone "Jumunji" today.(no undies)


oh my god!did you see the freaking "Jumunji" on that chick?
by Batesy January 12, 2006
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The obvious bulge of fat tucked in front of a woman's pants where the "gut" meets the virginal cavity.

Although this bulge of fat can also be common in obease men, the name remains the same for convienience purposes.
-That woman has a "Gunt"

-I wonder if that lady is getting a "Gunt" rash

these people are not commonly dinner whores and put out when possible
by Batesy January 12, 2006
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