the act of inserting multiple penises into one's anus until it ruptures then the sperm is licked out of the cavity.
I heard Hannah was trowing, and now she can't sit right.
by piezyxw September 29, 2011
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Short for "trousers." First authored by comic genius Jack Black.
by allisonic December 17, 2003
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to hump, possibly like a wild animal

to sexor
rage_grrl trows fluffypanda
by Lahroon October 4, 2003
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Another spelling for "true." Trow is often used by the same people who exclaim "OMG" and "LOLZ."
Dat answer is trow.

Yo, dawgity-dawg, he's telling da trow storie.
by Dan Drucker July 9, 2004
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Another word for "throw", specifically in John Mulaney's standup set "Kid Gorgeous". This is usually referring to the part about "Street Smarts" and a lesson he was taught by a man who came to his school's assemblies when he was younger and would teach them the dangers of being kidnaped.
"Let's say a kidnapper trows you in the back of a trunk... don't panic!"

-John Mulaney, Street Smarts, Kid Gorgeous
by ok uhhh May 10, 2018
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In rowing terminology, spandex.
Also "trou."
His trow reeked after a week of practice.
by JP O December 22, 2003
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v. fr. throw To provide one with a beat-down.
by Carl Willis November 4, 2003
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