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To get so drunk that you have to be moved around in a shopping trolley.
Rachelle got so trollied the other night that she woke up in a public bathroom covered in mayo and couldn't remember why.
by MCHEVA December 14, 2007

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From the aboriginal word meaning to be of munn like appearance. Also a religious holiday in some small camping grounds in dunsborough.
Oh deh yah big munyion ole.
Man what a bender i havent slept in days why are we awake at this munyion.
by MCHEVA November 29, 2006

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An inverty is a penis that has grown inside the abdomen (inverted) rather than out it is a rare deformity it happens mostly where mothers have been exposed to DDT or even agent orange.
The kids all teased Lucas for having a vagina but really it was an inverty.
by MCHEVA March 09, 2007

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the noise a possum makes
the mutant possum in the roof said REET! before eating another small child.
by MCHEVA December 19, 2006

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