Mikeala is a crazy smart person. She’s beautiful, nice, can act a bit insane and is just in total a down to earth lovable girl. She can be a bit dramatic sometimes, but you would never mind it because it adds to her charisma and personality. She would never believe you if you told her she was smart or pretty, despite it being an honest truth, and anyone who gets the chance to be with her romantically is flipping B L E S S E D PERIODT!! She is a bright girl who you’ll love spending time with, and is good at swimming. I personally am friends with a Mikaela, and out of all the friends I have I hang out with her the most out of all, because I feel that she is someone who really gets me. She’s understanding and gives great advice, but never knows how to use her own. An amazing person, and will be a light in your light that is simply irreplaceable.
Person 1- *looks over shoulder at text* Who’s Mikaela?

Person 2- She’s ———‘s girlfriend. I love her so much, and I’m so jealous

Person 1- Oh I know her! I totally agree, she’s so beautiful and smart. She’s really understanding too, I go to her for all my problems. She’s the best!
by ApolloGryffindor101 July 10, 2019
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She is that type of girl who forgives to easy. She will try not to forgive you but it won’t last long .The smallest words hurt her for a long period of time .no one knows because she keeps it to herself. she won’t tell almost anyone bc she has really bad trust issues. At first glance she doesn’t seem like the friend You would be better off with out. but once you get do you know her she is probably sweetest and one of the funniest and craziest person you will ever meet. And she is that friend who is always caring for people in need. And will always be there when your felling down. 🥰
Personality: caring for people , hates seeing people sad, bad trust Issues, has good luck often, is often put down by other people and hurts her. More than physical pain ...problems one of the funniest people you will ever meet .🥰 Mikaela *
by Urban-person November 13, 2019
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She's perfect. A fighter never starts it but never scared to finish it! She has trust issues cuz she's still broken inside but still has some hope in finding love. Doesn't care weather people like her or not. She's always a faithful friend/girlfriend. And she's the type of person that doesn't think and just does it,she's really goofy beautiful inside and out but she doesn't know that..tell her and she'll deny it I can really go on and on but you get the point she's just perfect 😩😇💚
Everybody knows Mikaela..cuz she's a cool person!
by Urssfh May 30, 2017
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A Mikaela is the perfect girl. She is always struggling with something, but she keeps it inside. She is tenacious, holding onto what she believes. She is capable of anything and everything she puts her mind too. Not only does she embrace everyone she meets, she tries to be positive for their sake. No matter what comes her way, she will overcome it and continue being the beautiful person she is through her faith and love.
Mikaela is not only beautiful on the inside, but also on the inside.
by ThatCamCat June 22, 2018
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A beautiful, nice girl. She's nice to everyone. She's very pretty. Everyone loves her. She's perfect.
Anyone who breaks her heart is a dumb asshole. Any guy would be happy to date her.
Person#1 "She so nice!"
Person#2 "I know. Her name's Mikaela."
by The Dumb 1 December 30, 2017
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Amazing. An absolutely increadible person who will always know what to say.

Someone who's an individual. An increadible friend. May seem average on the outside, but on the inside...she shines bright. Someone you will want to see everyday, and talk to all night.

Someone who's beautiful not just on the outisde. She's someone who will listen to anything you have to say, hug you when you need one, tell you when you need to be put in place, someone who will smile with you, cry with you and laugh until you...pee....

If you ever meet a Mikaela you will NEVER forget her.
She's an amazing person, just like Mikaela.
by Lauz212 October 16, 2009
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A sweet, loving, goofy friend who will always have your back. She's really pretty and an amazing dancer/singer. She will never let you down and will always make your day. She loves animals and will always pet a dog if she sees one. She loves her friends and family with all her heart. She also has the most beautiful smile and laugh. If you have a Mikaela, never let go.
Person one: Who's that pretty girl over there?
Person two: That's Mikaela. She's super sweet.
by YourFriend1498 June 25, 2018
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