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an aggressive tickle on someone (or thing) as a show of exuberant affection. with possibility of light biting.

the assailant makes "the claw" formation with his/her hands and proceeds to assail the victim by grappling and rubbing the tips of their crooked fingers vigorously into their sides while making "rawr rawr rawr" or similar animal sounds.

note that the occurrence of biting will depend on the presumed level of familiarity between the parties involved or if it's a cultural thing. Body parts that may be seized by teeth include face, neck, shoulders, boobs or any limbs thrown up by the victim in defence.

origins: like a huggle, but worse. contracted/mashed up form of the words 'tickle' or 'tackle' and 'aggression' that pops up when people are too excited to properly think through what they are saying.
1. that crazy girl triggled me out of nowhere, it was fun and all but would you look at that hickie?? *points at neck*

2. My dog triggled me when I got home with the groceries. I still can't tell if she really likes me or was only going for the food.
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir February 10, 2009
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it means everything, yet nothing. You can insert it for any word into a sentence, and the sentence makes complete sense.

It is the only word that is an adjective, a noun, a verb, a conjuction, AND an adverb.
Dude, why you trigglin' me?

God, you're such a triggle!

What the triggle is this trigglin' triggle?!
by ElectricLove December 16, 2010
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Somebody who be shakin they ass, they hella cute, they juz turn you on weather they ur friend, or ur boo.
Aww Look at That Hiney Triggles!
by priya May 06, 2004
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