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To fuck a female in an acrobatic manner without regard to your physical safety or well-being. The art of being extremely creative outside the norm for usual sexual positions. The polar opposite of love making. Eye contact and conversation is discouraged during and after the act unless said contact involves highly congratulatory praise of the male. Example positions include, but are not limited to: "The Jackhammer"; "The Sideways Scramble"; "The Paul Bunyan" or "The Reverse Plank."
Man, that bitch had never seen trick fucking like that before. I had her put her legs behind her head, feet to the pillows upside down and laid the dick down like a Jackhammer.

My old lady tried to kiss me and gaze deep into my eyes during sex. I flipped the script, trick fucked her and now she's making my breakfast...quietly.

There's not enough ice in the North Pole to cool the damage my trick fucking did to her vagina.
by AnBsometimesC March 09, 2014
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