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A creature from Star Trek that breeds like crazy. Wiped out by the Klingons, but a starship from the future brought one back into its own time, thus restoring the species.
Tribbles are so cute but so prolific.
by Korora November 17, 2003
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2. A ball of fluff that procreates rapidly and drains an entire species of resources until they collapse. The species does not notice because the tribbles are "cute."

3. Parasite, abomination
The tribble was taken onboard the ship of unsuspecting idiot Earthlings who figured it was a cute pet. THEY WERE WRONG.
by Appayipyip42 June 29, 2011
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A mysterious formation of matted hair which periodically collects on the surface of one's bathtub or shower drain.
"What the <beep> is that!?'s just a tribble."
by M1LESperH0UR April 17, 2012
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To receive a blow-job from three girls simultaneously. A portmanteau of the words "triple" and "blow job".
Last night was wild. I got a tribble from three sevens. They also licked each other's pussies. I'm going for a quibble next time.
by hatnyc2009 January 27, 2009
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When a large selection of food/Ass is presented and you wish to "TRY" a "NIBBLE" of everything (i.e Sampling)
"yeah, dude..I'd tribble that"

"why thank you darhling, I most certainly would love to tribble your lovely party snacks! My ohw my what a wonderful selection!"
by kiwinky November 24, 2008
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